Bolivian Lithium

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At 3.650 meters above sea level, in the bolivian altiplano exists the largest continual salt desert of the our planet, with a surface extending 4.085 square miles (10.585 Km2). This salt desert is very important for this country because under the white surface the largest lithium reserve is located. Between 50% to 70% lithium planet is concentrated in this place.
Bolivia is making investments in 144.4 square miles (400 Km2) for industrial production of lithium carbonate, the construction of the plant is run by the German company K-UTEC Ag Salt Technologies. This industrial plant should produce, in 2018,  1,500 tons of lithium carbonate annually.
In the near future, lithium carbonate will be required in greater proportions to launch the automotive industry of the future with the construction of more electric cars and Bolivia claims to be the world leader in the industry of Lithium Ion batteries.
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