ANIMA (NYC Street Photography)

In these photographs by Dany Krom, New York City is not just a place to take pictures, but instead, a persona of a woman, beckoning him, into her body and soul. This is a complex woman; beautiful, yet deteriorated, exuberant, yet downtrodden, familiar but mysterious. Lost in this uncontrollable lust, Dany is captivated by her charms, under her spell; obsessively shooting, compulsively chasing down her appearances, from the sublime to the depressing. His photographic vision in these images is powerful. This is a city in constant flux, a wild woman, always on the move. Dany succeeds in capturing her essence for moments at a time, revealing her mystique, in fractions of a second. His camera is a fair, democratic one. He treats all of her, with the same respect, objectivity,and passion. In Dany's lens, there is no ugliness, he transcends the divine in everything he sees. Dany's relationship with New York City is an imperfect, honest love. These photographs do not idealize, extort, or exaggerate. They are neither shocking nor sentimental, but, deeply emotional. There is a brokenness, a damaged spirit, that permeates his photographs, contrasted by a sense of indomitable hope. Dany's intention is not an intellectual one, from the head, rather an involuntary pursuit, autonomic and essential to his being. Just as his heart beating, his blood flowing, his lungs breathing, and his stomach digesting,he cannot stop himself from being seduced by her. His photographs reveal his deep insatiable affair with New York City, and its diverse physical manifestations, through symbols and mecaphor. In every crevice, and in the darkest recesses, Dany encounters this woman, his muse, who guides his desire with a light illuminating even her darkest shadows. -Jaimie Lyle Gordon